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Christmas Gifts from La Parfumerie

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

The most wonderful time of the year, Christmas, is just around the corner. We teamed up with the local vendors in Raleigh to bring the most for your shopping experience. Our amazing local vendors provided us with their products and gift cards to make sure that while shopping our customers will experience extra love and care. From December 7 - 21 make a purchase of $300 or more at La Parfumerie and receive a Christmas gift! All our customers who qualify will receive a present either from our friends or La Parfumerie. To make it even more fun, you get to choose your own present. How? Just pick the lottery card and find out what you win. And that is not all. We have one more surprise. After your purchase of $300 or more, write a note mentioning your most desired item from La Parfumerie. We will collect all the notes and will make sure that one lucky customer will get their most desired present from us.

If you shop online, make sure to leave your phone number. We will contact you and you will pick your lottery card. You will receive your gift with your purchase. Easy :) We cannot wait to see you at our store. Happy Shopping.


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