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Moët Chandon Story

On Instagram, I increasingly reflected on the topic of what distinguishes La Parfumerie from others. And why a person should come and buy a perfume from us and not, for example, from eBay?

Back in October 2021, we did a cool photo shoot with my husband for which I splurged and bought a bottle of Moët Chandon Nectar at a local store for a full price. It was so incredibly delicious that we decided to order more for the holidays. Somehow we decided to order a cheaper batch. We found a good discount and took 6 pieces at once. With such wild anticipation, we opened our first bottle and the taste was not the same at all. The champagne was not sweet, even more sour, and to be honest, everyone was very disappointed. We also ordered for friends after advertising how incredibly special it was. In general, we certainly saved. Moreover, we wrote directly to the company with a request to check what was wrong with the crop. To which the company agreed to replace the entire batch if we could provide proof of purchase from an authorized distributor.

Not our case...

So if you visit us in-store, at the entrance in the window you can spot a bottle of unopened Moët Chandon. People often want to buy it from us but we keep it just as a decoration and a great reminder why cheap isn't always the best choice. So now back to the question of quality and our responsibility for it at La Parfumerie...

So how we are different from eBay or other cheap shops?

In case of problems, we do not abandon our customers. It's like insurance that is automatically included with any purchase. For example, it happened several times that bottles of perfume came broken and a client opened the box and there were only fragments.

Imagine their frustration. But we quickly responded and sent a new bottle.

And there was another case when a different scent was inside the box. Well, listen, even this can happen in production.

We replaced it with the right bottle.

It happened that the whole batch of perfume smelled completely different from the original formula- we sent it back.

We monitor the quality,

We answer with our name and reputation.

It is important for us to be trusted so that people know that we do not keep perfume somewhere in the middle of the ocean in the heat (like products from the gray market). Yes, you read it right.

Just take my word for it - there is ALWAYS a reason for a discount.


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