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New Scents from Gallivant

Gdańsk and Naples are the newest additions to Nick Steward’s award-winning Gallivant line of wanderlust city-inspired perfumes. Gdańsk is an exploration of mysterious ambergris, of sperm whale fame, and the fantasy accord we know as amber. Warm and spicy in the opening, with plum, honey, cardamom, nutmeg and saffron. A rich, woody heart with leather notes, cistus absolute, sustainable sandalwood oil from New Caledonia, patchouli, and incense resinoid – with a light touch of rose. And a deep, earthy, smoky ambery base of tobacco absolute, cypriol, styrax (liquidambar), vanilla, musks and ambergris. Notes: plum, saffron, leather, tobacco, amber, ambergris The nose behind this unisex fragrance is Julia Rodriguez. Note from creator Nick Steward: “Gdańsk is a beautiful and memorable city on the Baltic – famed for its amber and its intrepid history of seafaring. I wanted to pay tribute to this city with its surprising and fascinating history.” Naples is a citrus, woody, incense perfume. Charming Neapolitan decadence. Salty sea air and smoke. Fresh and spicy in the opening, with ginger, pink pepper CO2, bergamot from neighbouring Calabria, sea salts and airy ozonic notes. A smoky heart with incense resinoid, fumencens (another incense material with a 'burnt' note, and which reinforces the light-dark contrast of the fragrance), cardamom, nutmeg, and leathery labdanum. On a woody base of guaiac wood, ‘green molecule’ clearwood (in combination with natural patchouli), birch, vetiver and amber. Notes: ginger, bergamot, salt, incense. Leathery labdanum, 'green molecule' clearwood alongside patchouli, birch, vetiver. The nose behind this fragrance is Luca Maffei. Says creator Nick Steward: “Who doesn't dream of Italy? The people, the food, the style, and romance. I love the idea of ‘il dolce far niente’ (the sweetness of doing nothing!) In particular I’m drawn to the south – for its colour, effervescence, cheerful chaos, its anarchic darker spirit. A visit to Naples always gets the heart racing and makes you feel alive …”


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