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New Scents from your favorite brands. Discover Filippo Sorcinelli!

Our Grand Opening was a huge success and we wouldn't be able to do that without your support. Thank you so much for stopping by and celebrating with us, your continuous support and love truly means the world for us.

And because we love to spoil our beloved customers, we have added new beautiful scents from Vilhelm Parfumerie and Fueguia to our range. And this is not all!

Extraordinary, mystical, artistic and unique. You guessed right!

We now present Filippo Sorcinelli's incredible scents at La Parfumerie. Check all the details below.

La Tierra Del Rayo by Fueguia

La Tierra del Rayo (Tunuyán) is considered one of Argentina's most important regions when it comes to high-quality wine production. This perfume was made using chromatographies of Argentine Pinot Noir wines to analyze the aromatic volatiles in the wine, and then later use the same molecules in the composition of the fragrance.

Important to know

From the 1st of November, all scents except Milonga Verde and Mbcuruya 2016 limited edition will experience a slight price increase from $230 to $240. So hurry up and tick them off your wish list now.

Chicago High by Vilhelm


Time for a party at Jay Gatsby’s mansion. Dresses are incredible; champagne is flowing; the spirits are high. It’s the wild celebration that defined an era of utmost extravagance, the peak of the 1920s – bottled. Structured like classic early 20th-century perfumes, Chicago High was constructed to serve as a time machine, taking you back through scent memory to the experience of the Roaring Twenties.

Opus Kore by Vilhelm

Persephone had been warned there was a price to pay for her otherworldly love, so when she returns to the living, she brings a gift: springtime, a bracing gust of Sicilian lemon and acai that blossoms into raspberry blossom, pink magnolia and violet leaf followed by the sensuality of sandalwood, skin musks and crisp amber. Opus Kore is a unisex Floral Woody Musk fragrance created by Jan Vilhelm Ahlgren, along with Jérôme Epinette.

Filippo Sorcinelli at La Parfumerie

We are so thrilled to add incredible scents of Filippo Sorcinelli to our store. Filippo Sorcinelli is a lifestyle brand, the result of a contamination between the arts. In 2014, as a tribute to the LAVS atelier, the first fragrance of the UNUM collection was born, as a sort of olfactory tailoring, followed by perfumes dedicated to the artistic passions of their creator: Gothic art, music, photography…the fog.

UNUM fragrances describe the uniqueness of a journey suffered and intense. The products of the collections of Filippo Sorcinelli are made entirely by hand, reflecting the highest artisanal expression made in Italy. The purpose of living these collections is to maximize the sensorial experience.They have a strong and distinct nature, different, that are able to give sensory well-being beyond the limits and stand out for beauty and elegance.

Stay tuned for more details about this extraordinary niche house.

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