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October Updates from Viktoriya

Dear friends and customers,

Ah, October was magical!

We went above and beyond with our celebration!

First and foremost, our sign was installed on time. Thanks God! I was almost worried with such a slow NC pace. Seriously have you ever thought about it? Why everything must be so slow here?

But we brought it to perfection and if you saw it, let me know your thoughts. We eventually went with black lighted letters.

Grand Opening

We worked like horses, no joke. If you want to do it perfect, do it…with Angela. I’m just so glad to have her. She is my “right hand” in decorations and not only.

Those of you who visited our store- didn’t you love it? Cause I surely enjoyed our “Gatsby party” style.

We drank Champaign and celebrated! Even though we had been open for 6 months here, we never took time to celebrate. We showered you with gifts and raffled a bottle of perfume.

And captured your smiles and happiness.

Thanks to everyone who came and those who didn’t but reached out to congratulate and share our success. We value each and every one of you.


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