Best sellers discovery Box For Her: 


  • Caprice de Sophie by Chabaud (red apple, headed by zesty lemon and mandarin)
  • Kiss me by Nicolaï (soft Vanilla, bitter almonds and powdery anise)
  • Soleil De Capri by Montale( blend of grapefruit, kumquat, white flowers, citruses, musk and spices)
  • Flamenco by Ramon Monegal (passionate and sexy)
  • Reflection by Amouage M (fresh and flowery with woody notes)
  • Sensual Instinct by Montale (vibrant notes of roasted coffee with the mysteries of the rose)
  • Wild pears by Montale (Happy Woman scents features pear and dry sandlewood)
  • Latin lover by Carner (Ylang-ylang, magnolia, honey Italian bergamot, mountain violet, sambac jasmine, narcissus and lily 🌷of the valley)
  • Empathy by THOO (Fruity Tobacco and a juicy Infusion of Raspberry)


Travel spray bottles 9X1ml

*Includes $10 certificate towards FULL size bottle of featured fragrance. Valid for 1 month. Perfume sample selection is subject to change based on inventory.

BEST SELLERS Discovery Box For Her



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