Top Note: Tea Flowers
Heart Note: Ylang-Ylang
Base Note: Vetiver


The lightness of spring comes to life in this floral scent. The freshness of green tea flowers is the basis for this delicate and relaxing fragrance, and they mixed in perfect harmony with citrus flowers. Perfect for adorning living spaces which are specifically for relaxation and hospitality.


Sri Lanka is the paradise where camellia sinensis is found. It is the tea plant, which grows in that specific environment for the purity of the air. On this island, the most delicate flowers blend with the unmistakable aroma of the green tea flower. Inhaling the scents of valleys full of white delicate flowers is a feeling that lingers in the mind. The scent captured in this perfume brings the mind to this location.


Room spray- 100ml

Diffuser- 250ml, 500ml

Refill- 500ml

Dr.Vranjes-Green Flowers



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