Top Note: Siberian Pine
Heart Note: Green Moss
Base Note: Vanilla


The energy of the earth comes to life in this ambient fragrance. It is arranged in a combination of balsamic Siberian pine and green musks, aromatic lavender and vanilla. Terra is a fresh, soft and relaxing scent, ideal for creating a charming and pleasant atmosphere within living spaces.


This fragrance is a reminder of the walks in the wood Maestro Paolo Vranjes' father once took him on as a child; the scent of the earth dampened by rain, combined with the scent emitted by the leaves and the moss trampled underfoot, and the sun filtering through the branches of the pines exuding its warmth. The desire to preserve the memories of those moments has been encapsulated in this fragrance.


Room spray- 100ml

Diffuser- 250ml, 500ml

Refill- 500ml




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