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La Parfumerie Store

La Parfumerie USA is a fragrance boutique offering high-end perfume from Europe in the heart of Raleigh, NC.

La Parfumerie USA offers a wide range of niche perfumes from established and renowned European brands. Currently, we represent 28 niche perfume houses from Italy, Spain, Russia, and France. At our store, you will find worldwide acknowledged and award-winning perfumes from Montale, Carner Barcelona, Eight & Bob, Nicolaï, Essential Parfums, Amouage, Chabaud, Ramon Monegal, Orto Parisi, Selection Excellence, Scents of Wood, Micallef, Fragrance Du Bois, Nassomato, Moresque, Xerjoff, Vilhelm Parfumerie, Thomas Kosmala, Fueguia, Sospiro, Filippo Sorcinelli, Pantheon Roma, Mind Games, Matiere Premiere, Atelier Materi, Anfas, Step Aboard, and Voskanian Perfums. Our store continuously presents new brands.


Our mission is to help you find your exclusive scent which will unlock the symphony of your soul. Our vision is to offer an opportunity to everyone to find their perfect scent through our store, events, and educational outreach programs. Scents have the power to unlock the best memories of your life and create new ones. The scents you choose will mark your seasons, determine your personality, and become an intimate soul-connector.

La Parfumerie USA was established in October 2017 and is a female-led small business. We started La Parfumerie without any investment but with a big faith in our mission and vision. In five years, we were able to open our boutique and offer national shipping through our website. Besides presenting a wide range of niche perfumes, we also organize educational events, such as our Meeting with Perfumers Series, and offer a Personalized Perfume Session.


Scents SPEAK louder than any words, FEEL as your second skin,

MOTIVATE you to CREATE stories and adventures, set you up to EXPLORE CHANGES and multiple destinations stored in your HEART that are yet to be fulfilled.

What is the symphony of your SOUL?
FIND it. FEEL it. ENJOY it.
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