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Our Projects

Educate yourself about the fascinating world of perfume through our projects.

Personalized Perfume Session

If you want to choose a high niche perfume that will match your needs and will be perfect for you, but still unsure which scent you really like, go no further. We are here to help you. We offer an unforgettable one-on-one journey to find your personal exclusive scent. Book a Personalized Perfume Session and we will guide you into the world of selective fragrances. Let us help you discover your own personal exclusive scent that you will enjoy wearing.

How does it work?

  1. Book your perfume session

  2. We will give you a call and will discuss your preferences

  3. Based on that conservation, we will choose 7x2ml scents from our collection of over 100 scents

  4. We will ship a customized sample box based on your preferences

  5. As soon as you receive your box, we will schedule the second phone call and will guide you through each scent and discuss the samples

We guarantee that through this process you will find your ideal scent. If you do not like any of the scents that we have chosen for you, we will send you the second box for free.

Meeting with Perfumers

As part of our educational projects, we organize a Meeting with Perfumers Series. Each meeting is with a renowned perfumer or presidents of the perfume companies. 

During the private session, the guest presents their brand, speaks about the perfume world, tells how the scents are being created, and answers the participants’ questions.

Prior to the meeting, the participants purchase the discovery set which includes the perfumes that will be explored at the session. After each session, the participants receive a $15 coupon that can be redeemed toward their next purchase.

We have already organized meetings with Nick Steward, the founder of Gallivant, Geraldine Archambault, the founder of Essential Parfums, Maison Sybarite Master Perfumer Antoine Lie, Fabrice Croisé, the founder of Scents of Wood, Brand Ambassador of NICOLAÏ Fragrances, Damien Flynn, MAISON CHABAUD Owner Mattia Bono, Fragrance Du Bois Brand Ambassadors Nicolas Parat and Josie Plumey and The House of Oud founder Andrea Casotti .

Meeting With Perfumers
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