Meet La Parfumerie Team

We are a team of passionate individuals who strives to make a difference in this world.

Viktoriya Martynova
Founder of La Parfumerie
Viktoriya Martynova

The idea to establish La Parfumerie was born when Viktoriya began her search for a perfect chocolate fragrance. However, the mass production market failed to satisfy her desire. That's when she turned to niche fragrances and "voila". The endless possibilities and extravagant varieties sparked her curiosity and determined her future path in the world of selective perfume. From that moment on, she continues to surprise her customers by carefully selected high-end fragrances, holding unusual but very beautiful notes in each bottle.

Viktoriya studied at Florida State University. At her sales classes, she was one of the top ten students. After graduation, she worked in Chanel learning everything about fashion, beauty, and perfume.

In 2017 she founded La Parfumerie which has become one of the fastest-growing brands in Raleigh.


Angela Praslova

Stylist and Sales Consultant at La Parfumerie

Angela has years of experience in sales, design and style. She curates the display and design of La Parfumerie brand. As Angela states, the benefits of a carefully curated style are endless in business. It helps to deliver the brand promise to customers and create trust.


Arevik Badalyan

Marketing Consultant at La Parfumerie

Passionate and inspired by the perfume world, she is keen to present every detail of this fascinating sphere and to support the La Parfumerie brand in reaching new heights. Arevik is a certified marketing professional from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK, and has eight years of experience in international organizations in Europe and the USA.

Ali Mourchid

Ali Mourchid

Web Designer at La Parfumerie

Ali Mourchid, best known as Donchid, is a certified web design specialist. He has over 13 years of extensive experience in web development and web design. Donchid is responsible for web design at La Parfumerie and makes sure that our products are always available online.

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Ruzan Forrest

Social Media Manager at La Parfumerie 

Ruzan is an experienced social media manager with skills in social media strategy, brand partnerships, content development and influencer outreach. Her true passion is to see pages grow and converting followers into long-term and loyal customers. Ruzan has over five years of experience in social media management, specializing in beauty products and skincare.


Lena Stark

Videographer/Photographer at La Parfumerie

Lena really enjoys the great variety and potential of the perfume industry. She is deeply passionate about creating high-quality, attention-grabbing content. Whether we need to shoot a one-day event, or a project with pre-production, lighting, sound design, editing, she is able to meet these demands.