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We are a Team of passionate individuals who are making a difference in this world.

Viktoriya Martynova is a Founder of La Parfumerie.

Instagram business page: @laparfumerieusa


Passionately and yet, very precisely she began her search for a chocolate fragrance back in her adulthood. Fairly enough, the mass production market failed to satisfy her desire. That's when she turned to niche fragrances and "voila"! 

The endless possibilities and extravagant varieties sparkled her curiosity and determined her future path in the world of selective perfume. 


As passionately and yet, very precisely she began her search, she continues to surprise her customers with carefully selected high-end fragrances, holding unusual but very beautiful notes in each bottle. 


"This is not just a job. It's an opportunity to discover the person and find the symphony of their soul."


Marta Praslova is a Photographer at La Parfumerie.

Instagram business page: @martapraslova


“My story of becoming a photographer is pretty simple. I always loved photography. I found it very beautiful to be able to tell the most beautiful story through just one image.


When I was 16 I started working as a photographer in Raleigh NC. One day I posted a picture on my Facebook profile and and shortly after Viktoriya contacted me with an offer to try myself as a commercial photographer. This is how my adventure with commercial photography began. If I didn’t try I would have never thought I had so much passion for it!"


"My desire is to make your business thrive through a beautiful art of images and endless creativity. Let’s create art together!”



Sitora Kan is a Videographer an Event Planner at La Parfumerie.

Instagram business page: @sitora_kan


The work of videographer and event planner are very similar. Style and composition are required everywhere. 

When one specialist is involved in both you can be confident in the outcome of your event.


The event planner is responsible for developing and implementing the idea to make sure that the customer receives the best and hassle-free service.Creativity is what makes this service unique and valuable.


Memories that will last a lifetime MUST be captured and continuously adored by you, your family, your kids and generations ahead."



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