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A New Niche House at La Parfumerie!!!

My Favorite Niche House from Pitti Fragranze-Voskanian Perfumes!!! Now at La Parfumerie!!!

I am thrilled to introduce you a new addition to La Parfumerie family-Voskanian Perfumes.

When earlier in September I visited Pitti Fragranze, I discovered so many wonderful new niche houses however Voskanian Perfumes stole the show for me. I loved every single scent from them and I knew this is the one I want to stock at La Parfumerie.

So here we are!

You can find five of their beautiful fragrances at our store. Shop online or if you are in Raleigh, stop by and sniff them. I would love to know your thoughts.

Scented Regards,



Soir Vert

This extravagant and high-spirited fragrance is based on contrast. The juicy sweetness of melons and the freshness of grapefruit on the one hand, and the green dry notes of rhubarb on the other hand synchronistically create a unique aura typical of Yerevan summer evenings. Some floral touches in the hearth and ambergris-woody notes in the base add a mysterious tone and harmony to it all.


Pêche Chyprée

Realistic and juicy peach accord is dominating in the fragrance of “chypre” construction which starts with fresh citrus notes of bergamot, lemon, blood and bitter oranges enriched with orange flower absolute. Heart notes of geranium, rose, clary sage and tabac add body and complexity to a fragrance. The base notes of cedarwood, patchouli, ambra and oakmoss gives rich elegantness which continues until drydown.


Iris Boisé

A rich and elegand mono-iris formula with carrot facets, violet notes and continued with woody-ambery accord composed from vetiver, cedarwood, patchouli musk amd ambra.


Patchouli Et Mémories

Patchouli accord based on rare and expensive patchouli extracts is very noble, refined and smooth, without intense earthy and heavy sesquiterpene facets.


Lonicera De Nuit

Very true and realistic honeysuckle scent enriched with jasmin absolute, harmonized with watery muguet and rounded with elegant musks contains also green and woody facets giving impression of honeysuckle bush at night after the rain.


Learn More About Voskanian Parfums

An Armenian brand “Voskanian Parfums” was founded by Tsovak Voskanian in 2018. Comprising ancient perfume-making traditions, “Voskanian” perfumes are flavored with unique and undiscovered fragrances of the Armenian nature, and embody the author’s personal inspirations – from “alchemical experiments” of the childhood to autonomous interpretations of Nietzsche’s philosophy.


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