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Our Reward and Referral Programs

Do you want to save some money? We are sure, you do! We have generous reward and referral programs that you can take advantage of. Check out below and start shopping!

Get $10 back

  • Each time you buy the biggest size perfume, you will get $10 back. You will be able to enjoy your favorite perfume longer and you will save money. Win, Win.

Recommend La Parfumerie to a friend and get $10

  • We are sure your friends ask you often, what is your secret to smelling so good? So why not share the love and tell them about La Parfumerie? Each time you refer a friend, and they buy a full-size bottle from us, you get $10.

13 is a lucky number for our customers! Our name, La Parfumerie, consists of 12 letters! That's why for your 13th purchase of a full-size bottle you will get 30% off! And this is not all! After your 13th purchase, you become a VIP customer and you will get 5% cash back for each of your purchases (instead of getting $10 back for each purchase of the biggest size perfume). This will allow you to save even more.


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