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Personal Updates from Viktoriya

This summer has been full of really beautiful memories and some hard workdays. Unmet expectations, cancelled plans and constant health issues from overworking too much have merged with the opening of a new location, expanding the business and tripling the sales. I'm learning to be flexible and joyful in the process of managing a business and celebrating the wins big and little. 

Many of you asked about grand opening of our boutique. You are right, we still didn’t do our official grand opening…I know! What do you think about October? Good month for it, right? Stay tuned for more.

The other biggest news that I cannot wait to share with you is the fact that we finally represent Fueguia at our store. I wish I could fully explain the level of my excitement about Fueguia. Guys, it took me four years to get this brand. I spent two years convincing them to start the distribution and another two to get my funds together to put together the whole collection (add my emergency travel to Russia that paused nearly everything). When people ask about Fueguia, I say it's like Ferrari in our store.

A few personal updates:

I’m traveling to Pitti Fragranza so please follow our Instagram if you haven’t done so yet! I’ll meet famous perfumers and brands and trust me I’ll post like CRAZY! And there will be a very special guest at the conference… I promise to snap a picture together.

A few work updates:

We also added: Vilhelm Parfumerie, Xerjoff 

Saying goodbye to: Moresque, THoO, FDB, Borrelli

Planning to add: Ah, A lot! Can’t reveal all of our secrets yet but stay tuned.


Schedule update:

On Aug. 27th our store will be closed from 1:30pm to 4:00pm (our consultant Angela's daughter Marta is getting married). We will post the announcement on the door.


From Sept. 12th to 21st we will be open from 10:00am to 6:30pm.


My recent fav scents:

La Cautiva Fueguia

Delina Hair spray

Intense Cherry Montale


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