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Presale for our Grand Boxes is Open

Our Grand Opening is fast approaching! We are so excited and cannot wait to meet you. We hope you already marked your calendar for Oct. 22 and 23.

We have prepared the grand boxes that will go to the first 25 customers who will make a purchase of $400 or more. Our grand boxes include a full-size diffuser and samples valued at $355. Yes, $355!!! That sounds like a great deal, right?!

To make sure that all our customers have a chance to receive the boxes, we are opening a presale period!

What does it mean? Basically, you can make a purchase for $400 from now until October 23 on our website and we will ship your purchase with our Grand Boxes! Open to everyone in every state!

Do you want to purchase at our store? No problem. Visit us and purchase your amazing perfumes and get them with our boxes.

You do not have to wait until Oct. 22-23. Pre-order now and do not miss the opportunity to be the owner of our grand boxes valued at $355!

*For the customers ordering online, your purchase and the box will be shipped on Oct. 24.

*For the customers purchasing at our store, you will get your box on Oct. 22.


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