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Skincare Routine with Ayuna · Less is Beauty

Skincare Routine- why it is so important and what are the steps?

'I regret taking such good care of my skin''. - said no one ever!

We all have heard about the importance of having a consistent skincare routine but why it is so crucial?

Our skin is tied to overall health as it acts as a barrier to internal systems crucial to our well-being. Taking the right care of our skin helps to ensure this important barrier is strong.

As we age, our skin cells regenerate less frequently, which means the skin starts showing signs of aging. Developing a skincare routine can help to preserve a youthful appearance and keep the skin healthy. It's about time we look as young as we feel, right?

And last but not least, prevention is the key! When we take care of our skin, it helps to prevent future skin issues as well as reduce the severity of problems we already may deal with.

Believe it or not, skincare can and should be a lot of fun! And simple!

Here is a breakdown of skincare routine steps with Ayuna· Less is Beauty products.

Step 1- Cleanse

Good things come to those who cleanse their skin. Cleansing is fundamental as it gets rid of all of the excess dirt, makeup, and impurities you've encountered throughout the day. As a result, your skin is clear, healthy, and radiant. Ayuna soap- Nourishing Artisan Soap is ideal for all skin types and can be used in multiple ways- micellar water, creamy cleanser or foam lather.

Step 2- Exfoliate

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, unclogs pores, and improves skin texture. Essence is a soft gommage (grain-free) exfoliation that uncovers smooth and silky skin in just three phases: a protein peel awakens dull skin, a gentle polish rejuvenates the appearance, and an oleo-essence serum leaves the skin remarkably soft to the touch. The result is visibly brighter, more refined skin and even complexion.

Step 3- Mask Masks give our skin back much-needed nutrients and ingredients to support our skincare goals. The balm is a powerful yet very gentle treatment suitable for all skin types. Even those with sensitive and dry skin will enjoy this mask as it is non-drying at all.

The balm is a multifunctional product that can be used as a detoxifying mask, an instant under-eye lift, a purifying spot treatment.

Step 4- Nourish with Serums Serums are thin oils that deliver a concentrated amount of active ingredients and lock in moisture. Cellular oil Skin Revival Serum smells amazing and no wonder it's a bestseller at La Parfumerie. We are all about smells, aren’t we? With 44% organic ingredients and a lightweight texture that quickly absorbs, this formula is designed to revitalize all skin types. It is ideal for dull complexions, dehydrated and/or dry skin, especially mature skins.

Step 5- Moisturize

Now that you did all the hard work, time to lock the precious goodness with moisturizer. Using a moisturizer can help skin retain moisture, alleviate dryness, and protect against environmental or external factors. The cream is a natural rejuvenating emulsion that targets a range of skin functions. There are three types of Cream so you need to choose according to your skin type and concerns.


Beauty bag filled with every step in the Topical Fasting program – an artisan detoxifying cleansing soap, an advanced treatment cream based on botanical cell cultures, a dual-acting protein-based exfoliant, a tightening detoxifying mask, a 6-in-1 exposome protector, and a prebiotic refining concentrate

A complete Topical Fasting program to awaken and rejuvenate skin. Ayuna honors simple beauty with this 4 step regime that includes an artisan detoxifying cleansing soap, an advanced treatment cream based on botanical cell cultures, a dual-acting protein-based exfoliant, and a tightening detoxifying mask.


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