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Summing up our meeting with Fabrice Croisé, the founder of Scents of Wood

Our online meeting with Fabrice Croisé, the founder of Scents of Wood, was a success. Over 2.5 hours Fabrice was answering the questions of meeting participants. For the last few months as we organize our Meeting with Perfumers mini-series, we have developed a strong community of fragrance lovers. As Fabrice mentioned during the meeting, “Fragrance is such a passion if you are in it, you don’t get out. In this industry we keep creating as we only know the fragrance.” Fabrice Croisé is French, he grew up and lived in France, worked in the development of perfumes for Lancôme. After he moved to New York to become a Global Business Development Director of advertising agency, SelectNY, where he worked for eight years doing marketing for perfume companies. Then he lived and worked in Geneva and finally moved to Utah, USA. “I love mountains and skiing. There are forests everywhere, right in front of my window. I think this environment helped me develop the concept of Scents of Wood,” said Fabrice. True to its name, each creation of Scents of Wood is developed around the wood concept. Two collections have already been released with 32 scents. Currently Fabrice is working on the third collection which is evolving around the same concept but with new approaches. Scents of Wood perfumes are created using organic alcohol. It is several times more expensive than ethanol, which is widely used in the perfume industry. The alcohol is aged in the wooden barrels from one to four weeks. “The alcohol becomes loaded with wood personality. And here is where the perfumer decides which barrel to choose for their creation,” said Fabrice. This is a new process in the fragrance industry that only Scents of Wood uses. And, as Fabrice mentioned, the word innovation is not really being used in the perfume industry, this way of perfume creation is indeed innovative. We have a wide selection of Scents of Wood fragrances which you can purchase at our store.


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