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Three Tips from Us

We constantly share videos on our Instagram page, where we give you tips and tricks to discover the world of niche fragrance. Let us share a few with you while you head to Instagram to follow our page @laparfumerieusa. Is perfume an aphrodisiac? A scent can make you feel sexier. But there is no evidence that perfume is an aphrodisiac. The attractive chemical cocktail of perfume on your skin can make you feel more confident and have a powerful aphrodisiac effect. Why do we love or dislike certain scents? Scientists claim we were born with certain preferences that depends on our genetics, including our sensitivity to certain odors. At a very early age we experience complements on several scents and it alters these preferences. It creates in our brain a complex “bank of smells” associated with memories and feelings. All this information determines whether we like the smell or not. When you travel to a beautiful destination with an amazing aroma, then you come back, and you pick a similar scent somewhere and it instantly takes you to that place and brings memories of a beautiful and great time you had. That’s how the “bank of smells” works. Does our impression of a person depend also on the perfume they use? 100% .So make sure to wear a scent that suits you well. We react to smells purely emotionally. You may well think the person is aggressive or cocky but in fact their perfume or aftershave gets on your nerves.


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