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La Parfumerie USA – The First Shop to Offer High-End Perfume in Raleigh

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

The first fragrance boutique that offers only high-end perfume from Europe has opened its doors in Raleigh at Crabtree Valley Mall, Suite #1110 (4325 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27612). La Parfumerie USA offers a wide variety of niche fragrances from over 20 established and renowned European perfume houses.

“Unlike designer brands, niche fragrances are not massively available. You cannot find them everywhere,” said Viktoriya Martynova, the founder of La Parfumerie USA. “The creators of high-end perfume use the freshest and the most expensive ingredients. And while niche fragrances are not as recognizable and affordable as designer brands, they offer a unique experience and exclusivity.”

La Parfumerie USA presents worldwide acknowledged and award-winning perfumes from Montale, Carner Barcelona, Borrelli, Eight & Bob, Nicolaï, Maison Sybarite, Essential Parfums, Gallivant, Amouage, Chabaud, Ramon Monegal, Thoo, Dr Vranjes, Orto Parisi, Selection Excellence, Scents of Wood, Fragrance Du Bois, Nassomato and Moresque. These brands are produced in France, UK, Italy and Spain.

“We are committed to offer the best experience to our customers,” said Viktoriya Martynova. “At the same time, we offer educational projects for our customers if they want to learn more about high niche perfumery. We host brand founders, perfumers and creators and they are happy to address any questions our customers may have.”

La Parfumerie USA was established in October 2017 and is a female-led small business. For several years the store was located in North Raleigh. For the last few months La Parfumerie offered its products online through nationwide shipping. With its new boutique and online store, La Parfumerie is expanding its services to offer the best perfumery in the area to more people.


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