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Meeting with Perfumers - Geraldine Archambault, the founder of Essential Parfums

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

The second session of our series of meetings with perfumers was with Geraldine Archambault, the founder of Essential Parfums. From discussing the industry secrets, giving tips on how to choose the best perfume to exploring the Essential Parfums scents, the meeting was full of insights and loads of information. “This was a blast! Great seeing everyone! Thanks, Vik, for putting this together. LOVED Geraldine!” said Nick, who has @scent_remix page on Instagram. “This was quite an enjoyable experience. It was nice to see you all. Thank you so much Viktoriya for hosting the event! 💗🤗” said Brenda, whose @lady.lyoness Instagram page explores new fragrance scents. Geraldine Archambault joined the session straight from Paris, where she just opened her new store. Her brand, Essential Parfums, is represented all over the world. In Raleigh, you can find her perfumes at our store and enjoy Haute perfumery created and developed by the leading perfumers in France. As Geraldine shared, the main vision of the company is to create Haute perfumery at an affordable price. She said that their priority would always be the fragrance itself, rather than the trappings that surround it, like fancy bottles, advertising costs, and licensing fees that tend to muddle the essence of perfumery. She also shared a bit of her plans. But that we will keep in private 🤫 We will continue organizing our "Meeting with Perfumers" mini-series. Do not miss that opportunity to meet our next guest and learn more about the perfumery world. Meanwhile, shop Essential Parfums incredible scents at our store for only $75.


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