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Our Newest Addition - Scents of Wood at Our Store

As one of the only five retailers in the USA to represent Scents of Wood, we are happy to be the only store in North Carolina that you can find these magical scents.

Scents of Wood’s perfume is about a journey into the magical mystery of forests and trees. Scents of Wood’s incredible scents are created by some of the greatest perfumers on the planet.

With the aim to infuse wood into every aspect of their scents, the Scents of Wood Perfumers started looking into the fundamental composition of a typical fragrance. Fragrances are essentially solutions of essential oils in alcohol. The purer the alcohol is, the less it will interfere with the scent creation. This led perfumers, since the rise of modern perfumery more than 125 years ago, to use ethanol.

However, this was not the case for the brand. What if the alcohol isn’t an invisible part of the composition but becomes one more ingredient in the perfumer’s palette?What if certain scents would react better to certain types of alcohol.

To bring their ideas to life, they started collecting wooden barrels. From Scotland to Kentucky to Cognac. Vintage barrels that had given life to spirits many times over. And new barrels that had yet to age anything, but whose wood had already lived a lifetime in a forest somewhere. They aged organic alcohol in the barrels and compared the effects. The impact of the barrels on the alcohol itself was rich, deep, and intriguing. Adding the aged alcohol to scents created a similarly intriguing effect. And so, it didn’t take long to convince the perfumers that they had found a new way to formulate scents.

Scents of Wood was an instant success. Appealing to critics and consumers alike, Scents of Wood has rapidly developed a loyal and devoted following and a vibrant community of supporters and brand evangelists who are eager to share their experiences.

It is your turn now. Get your Scents of Wood today!


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