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A New Fragrance House at Our Store

We are so proud to present a new perfume brand at our store! Selection Excellence is a unique brand of high niche fragrances from Russia. The house has 30 fragrances in its collection. Each perfume is made from natural ingredients of the highest quality and essential oils. Perfumesare unisex and each of you can discover something unique and exclusive about it.

Selection Excellence was founded by a young couple from Moscow,Maria and Andrey, in 2010. The idea of each fragrance is developed by the brand founder Maria and then produced by perfumers in Belgium. “Each fragrance contains a history and is greatly affected by our impressions and discoveries,” said Maria.

The perfumes have minimalistic design to let the buyer concentrate more on the scent. Each perfume is handcrafted to provide the best experience.

At our store we present four fragrances from this house. The perfumes are open for pre-sale.


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