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A New Fragrance House, Fragrance Du Bois at Our Store

We are happy to present a new fragrance house at our store. After careful selection Fragrance Du Bois will be presented at our store, and we are super excited to extend our collection of high niche perfumes. Fragrance Du Bois, is a niche luxury perfume house born of the richest essences of nature, crafted by fifth generation perfumers from the 17th century French tradition of Grasse. The exclusive fragrances are crafted by master perfumers and only from the finest ingredients. Fragrance Du Bois works with perfumers that brings a variety and depth to their collections. They not only create the perfumes but supply the perfume concentrate oils which guarantees consistency and quality with no change to the formulations. Five scents, Oud Vert Intense, Oud Jaune Intense, Oud Orange Intense, Cannabis Blue and Siberian Rose are presented at our store. Oud Vert Intense is an encounter with the bright and the mysterious. Its fresh top notes yield to a complex, seductive undertone. Oud Jaune Intense is an intoxicating oriental floral fragrance, as enchanting as it is exotic, with an optimistic hue. Oud Orange Intense, a sensual journey of complex, warm musky notes, is comforting, indulgent, and energetic, reminiscent of basking on a beach in warm sunshine. The grassy character of Cannabis Blue is combined with warm elements of sichuan pepper and cardamom, lifted with herbal tones, and a swirl of tart grapefruit. Siberian Rose is a very long-lasting fragrance, the longevity comes from a powerful base note that is a harmonious collection of patchouli, amber and moss. Check out those new products. We promise, they are sensational.


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