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Holiday Gift Ideas

The Holidays are coming! Are you ready? Do not worry, we are here to offer you endless gift ideas for your loved ones.

  • Have you heard about Dr. Vranjes car parfum? A perfect gift for those who love their cars and driving. This Carparfum originated from the union of design, fragrance, and cars. It is a refillable car air freshener. The refill compartment is specifically designed to be easily replaced upon usage. A gift set is available in black carbon finish and a combination of scents of your choice. The Carparfum transforms every journey into a memorable multisensory experience either alone or with others. Driving has never been so enjoyable.

  • We have a new arrival at our shop which will be great for those who love home diffusers. Ginger Lime home diffuser is perfect to adorn living spaces with a welcoming and sparkling atmosphere. The diffuser must be positioned in the center of the room so, when people pass by, the air moves and the fragrance circulates. For larger rooms it is advisable to have two positioned on the opposite ends of the room you wish to fragrance.


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