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Meet the inspiration and moving force behind the brand La Parfumerie

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Viktoriya founded La Parfumerie in 2016 with a clear vision to offer a unique journey in finding a personal exclusive scent.

The scent you choose speaks louder than any words; it feels like your second skin. Moreover, as Viktoriya said, the perfume reveals your personality and becomes an intimate soul-connector. “That’s why La Parfumerie is all about finding the symphony of your soul. It celebrates the best memories and motivates in creating new ones.” Viktoriya studied at Florida State University becoming one of the top students in sales and entrepreneurship. Before founding La Parfumerie, she worked in Chanel learning everything about high-end perfume and the fashion world. Always passionate about perfume, she became an expert in the field and today presents 11 niche perfume houses from Italy, Spain, and France at her shop. “We are not just selling the perfume. Our shop is a place where we offer an unforgettable one-on-one experience and help you find your personal exclusive scent. We want you to find your unique scent, we want you to feel and enjoy it”, says Viktoriya. Viktoriya knows every single detail about her business, she is always moving forward, learning, and discovering more. Plans for 2021 are grand, presenting new perfumes, helping more and more people to find their personal exclusive scent and enjoyment.


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