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Scents of Wood at Our Store

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Scents of Wood founder Fabrice Croise, the Scents of Wood founder visited at our store before the pre-sale official launch. For that special occasion, we organized “SNIFFERS | Meeting with Fabrice Croise, the Founder of Scents of Wood” private event. Our loyal customers were invited to the event where they had a chance, one of the first to place preorders with special gifts from Fabrice Croise.

“What an amazing evening and experience to be able to explore and hear directly from Fabrice himself as we sniffed our way through the entire Scents of Wood collection at my favorite perfumery. Incredibly grateful to Vika for pulling this together the last minute and Fabrice for his immense knowledge and generosity!” said Jonathan DeFoto whom you can find as in Instagram.

Educational programs and meeting with perfumers are ongoing projects for us and our loyal customers are the first ones who get an access to them. Visit our store, learn more about our products and let us help you find your journey in the world of high-end fragrances.


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