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Tips From La Parfumerie

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

We constantly share videos on our Instagram page, where we give you tips and tricks to discover the world of niche fragrance. Let us share a few with you while you head to Instagram to follow our page @laparfumerieusa.

1. What makes niche fragrances different from mass market?

Availability, selectivity, and quality. Availability – you can’t find them everywhere and many scents can often be sold out. Selectivity – the creators of fragrances do not want to enter the mass market and focus on a limited circle of enthusiasts. Quality- they are all made from the freshest and the most expensive ingredients.

2. Did you know that niche fragrances existed long before commercial fragrances?

Niche fragrances existed for hundreds of years and were part of royal families and aristocracy. Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria were perfume lovers. A striking example is the British brand Floris which was founded in 1730 and sold perfume in times when designer brands were not created.

3. What makes designer brands different?

Mass Production, Price and Recognizability. Designer brands are available everywhere. They are not unique and are affordable. These brands are often advertised by the Hollywood stars making them recognizable by everyone.

4. How many different scents can you taste at once without losing the sharpness of perception?

Three. Make sure they are from different categories because the sense of smell is dulled faster if you smell from the same category. You can choose something from Oud family, Floral family, and Fruity family; but, altogether no more than three scents.

5. Does perfume expire?

If you do not expose it to heat or direct sunlight, it can last for a very long time. Especially if we are speaking about Montale, as their fragrances are kept in aluminum flasks, which protect the fragrance from the air and sun. When choosing your perfume, always pay attention to the packaging.

6. What can I do to ensure my scent last longer on my skin?

Layering! Use oil or cream first. Next layer it with your favorite scent. If you would like to intensify your scent for the evening make sure you use a layering process, that will quadruple the intensity of your scent.


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