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Win a Full Sized Bottle of Riviera Verbena Signed by Patricia de Nicolai

Stop by to see Brand Ambassador of Nicolaï fragrances Damien Flynn on Thursday, November 10th. Do you want to win a full-sized bottle of Riviera Verbena signed by Patricia de Nicolai? Of course, you do! Mark your calendar right now and visit La Parfumerie on Thursday, November 10. From 6 p.m. (EST) to 8 p.m. we are going to host the Brand Ambassador of Nicolaï fragrances Damien Flynn. Among those who will do a purchase that evening, we will organize a raffle and you will have a chance to win a full bottle of Nicolaï perfume signed by Patricia. And even more, the ticket price will be reduced from your purchase amount. Even if you aren't the lucky one, you still win because everyone will leave with a complimentary gift. The price for the event is only $55. Only 15 people will have a chance to participate in this event. So it's crucial you secure your ticket now.

Can’t make it to our event? Stop by to say hi from 2-5pm. Damien Flynn will be here to chat and present Nicolaï’s new product, Riviera Verbena. We will have gifts with purchase of $200 and more

Get the answers to all your questions about Nicolaï house Doesn't matter if you are unfamiliar with Nicolaï house or their scents are your favorite, you will find heaps of value and knowledge if you attend the event. Damien Flynn joined Nicolaï in 2012 and he literally knows everything about the brand's history and products.

The sessions are very interactive, and the participants can ask their questions and provide feedback.

Damien will present the Nicolaï brand and its fragrances along with the story of the brand founder Patricia de Nicolaï.

We hope to see you next week!


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