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Big news from us!

We are moving to Crabtree Valley Mall!!! Very soon we will welcome you in our boutique located on the first floor right next to H&M. We are so excited and cannot wait to meet you in our new location! After months and months of searching for the best location, we are so happy that we landed on this choice. Crabtree Valley Mall is located at 4325 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27612 and has all the conditions we were looking for to provide you with the best possible service. At our new boutique, we will present new brands. We will expand the geography of our brands and will include the best high niche perfumery from all over the world. We promise you will have the finest collection of perfumes and colognes available in Raleigh. Please follow our website, join us on Instagram and do not miss our newsletters. Very soon we will announce the opening date of La Parfumerie in Crabtree Valley Mall. More to come!


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