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Choosing the Brands

How do we choose the brand to work with? It is not an easy process and requires a lot of thinking, analyzing, and research. Before introducing the product to our customers, we make sure that the new perfume satisfies all the requirements! There are several aspects that we pay attention to. Our own Viktoriya presents how she chooses the product that will go on our shelf.

1. Presentation. I value every thought that is invested in presenting the product. If the product that our partner sends us is branded and I see that all the efforts are made to make sure it looks great, that’s a great plus.

2. Philosophy. There is always a story around the product. I want to know that story. It is what makes the perfume so special. What is the story, philosophy, and vision behind the product? Believe me, I want to know every single detail.

3. Terms. La ParfumerieUSA started as a hobby. It was a small shark and now it has grown. I am very particular about the terms and reputation. If there is no respect, then there is no business either.

4. Inspiration. What is behind each fragrance? I am a wild fanatic in this area. My business can't live without inspiration. I am selling art and not just a fragrant water.

5. Intuition. I know my business like no one else and I know myself. I always know whether my customers will like the brand or no. There were a few exceptions, but somehow my intuition never failed me.

6. It will take time to decide. For example, I planned to add Nicolai to our collection for a long time, while Chabaudwas presented at our store in a few weeks.

Currently, there are 19 niche perfume houses presented at our store, and believe us, more will come soon.


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