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Instagram Influencers Exploring Scents of Wood

Our master class with Scents of Wood founder Fabrice Croise brought together the fragrance bloggers. For more than an hour, Fabrice answered questions and presented the story of the brand and creation of the perfumes. The mastermind of the Scents of Wood, Fabrice spoke about his second collection and presented each scent. Only for our master class participants he even revealed a few secrets about the third collection which will come soon. Instagram blogger @olyabar joined the session. “Amazing master class. So much passion, knowledge and fun. Thank you for this beautiful evening together,” she posted. This is our second master class with Fabrice. During the first master class he spoke about his first collection. As part of our educational project, we constantly invite the perfumers and brand owners to present their perfumes to our audience. Instagram influencer @elenazcloud posted, “What an amazing time with the lovely people.” @99bottledscents is a Scents of Wood fan. He had tried the first collection and was excited to learn more about the second one and to get a very exclusive look at the third one. @antionette_amor was fascinated to share more with her followers about the uniqueness of the brand. Our store, La Parfumerie, as one of the only four distributors of the brand in the USA has a unique opportunity to present the Scents of Wood perfumes at our boutique. We present the first and second collections. As Scents of the Wood perfumes are highly sought by perfume lovers, the second collection is open only by pre-orders. You may order your scent today and get it to your door in less than two weeks.


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