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Mind-Blowing Gifts from La Parfumerie

Are you looking for a mind-blowing gift? Do you want to give a special treat to your loved ones? Or maybe you are looking for something that will make you instantly happy? We have you covered.

We have launched a limited, special campaign just for you this Holiday Season! We have carefully selected our best products, the most incredible scents from the best high-niche houses and created six elegant boxes. Each box has different products and none of them repeats. It contains miniatures and travel formats of our bestsellers, as well as full-size products that everyone needs!

Every single box is unique and contains products that other box owners will not have. It is prepacked festively and will include a beautiful Christmas Card. And this is not all. We sell these boxes for a very special price making sure that you will save up to 30% off the original price. It is cheaper than the retail price. Just compare.

Contains Lait Concentre 30ml, Lait de Biscuit 30ml, Lait Vanille 30ml, Lait et Chocolat 30ml, Keep glazed travel, Chocolate greedy travel. You can get it for $260 while its original value is $345.

Contains Black jasmine Peonia 500ml, Acqua 250ml, Oshibori, 3 Travel sprays. Purchase for $205, the original value is $313.

Contains Tokyo, London, Oil parfum Tokyo, Oil parfum London by Gallivant. Available only for $190, the original value is $290.

Contains Baikal Leather 3.4oz perfume, Bois Imperial 3.4 oz perfume, Car parfum, Cuir Cuba travel. Purchase for $285. Original value is $377.

Contains Patchouli Candle, Patchouli Intense 1oz perfume, Maharadjah Diffuser 250ml, Patchouli Intense travel. Available for $260, original value is $325.

Contains Bal a Venice candle, Roses Musk body cream, Roses Musk 50 ml perfume, Poudre de Musc travel, Wind heat Travel, Rose Magnetic Travel. Purchase for $255, its original value is $340.

Sounds like a great deal? Then make sure to get your box as only those sixboxes will be available. Purchase at store or online.


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