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Pre-order Scents of Wood Plum in Cognac and Praline in Maple

Plum in Cognac

We know how much you love Scents of Wood award winning Plum in Cognac. We know that you want to get it as soon as possible. While Plum in Cognac is out of stock all over the US, we have you covered. Only in our shop you can place pre-order for Plum in Cognac perfume. We highly recommend hurrying up as only 4 are in stock. Allow our Plum in Cognac fragrance to tease you endlessly with a blend that is at once sensual, nourishing and provocative. Enveloped in the smoky allure of dark rum, the decadent blend of juicy fruit and smooth liqueur pushes the boundaries of addiction. A thrill of Cinnamon magnifies this elevated gourmand pairing with intensified spicy and woody facets. Indulgence lingers through the back notes of warm Vanilla and grounding Vetiver, until it becomes a mere memory on the skin.

Praline in Maple

Are you keen to try Praline in Maple by Scents of Wood? This delicious & nostalgic combination is created by perfumer Natasha Cote-Mouzannar and was inspired by her tender memories in Canada and tapping maple trees, collecting sap, and making maple syrup as a tradition. The perfect representation of a sugar house, nestled deep in an oak forest. This fragrance exudes the addiction of maple syrup and intrigue of mysterious woods. Cedarwood Atlas has an earthy, woody leathery aroma with hints of balsamic sweetness while Peru Balsam is laced with notes of vanilla, chocolate, and even a trace of white floral intoxication. Only for La Parfumerie Fabrice Croisé, the founder of Scents of Wood has sent two bottles of this exceptional perfume. Pre-order is open. Estimated shipping date for pre-order items is January 19.


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