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Signature Scents from Perfume Experts

Our own perfume gurus Nick Nixon and Martin Leichter took their time to discuss their favorite signature scents from La Parfumerie. Nick Nixon, whose Instagram @scent_remix page has approximately 5000 followers, writes about perfume and collaborates with the best fragrance houses in the world. Martin Leichter, @martin_leichter, who knows all about fashion, joins our live sessions every week and shares his feedback on our new scents.

This time we brought together our two experts to speak about the perfumes and make your journey in finding your own scents even easier.

The first on our list is Orto Parisi – Brutus, one of Nick’s favorites. “As a statement scent you can wear it all the time and it will be very enjoyable. You can take this from the office straight to the date night. It is very elegant,” says Nick.The next on his top favorites list is Nasomatto- Baraonda. “When you wear this scent, everyone will compliment you. You surely need to enjoy your perfume, but when other people compliment your scent, that’s huge,” says Nick.Carner Barcelona - Tardes is Nick’s other choice. “This is such a well-rounded scent, yet it has romantic touches in it. It is perfect for a date,” he says.

Nicolaï- Cuir Cuba is Martin’s favorite. “This is so loud. I feel this is so perfect,” says Martin. Speaking about Essential Parfums- Bois Imperial they mentioned how affordable it is compared with other scents, while providing the highest quality and standards. “I wear it a lot,” says Martin.Gallivant- London is one of Martin’s favorites because of its rich scent. “It has rose, cucumber scents with urban touches. Very leathery. It feels good,” says Martin.

All our fragrances are unisex. If you are interested in any of those scents, visit La Parfumerie. We are happy to guide you through these scents.


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