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Testing Before Investing

Tempted to try our perfumes, but not ready to commit to a full-size bottle yet? No worries, we got your back with our discovery sets. You can get travel spray bottles to find your favorite scent. We have so many choices- the fragrances of perfume houses, perfumes for him/her, best sellers, new releases and so much more. You can even create your own set! After you discover your favorite scent, you can use $10 certificate included in some sets, towards a full-size bottle of the featured fragrance.

New Releases Discovery Box Try some of our bestselling fragrances. This box includes travel spray bottles 5X2mls of the following fragrances:

  • Xerjoff- Torrino 21

  • Montale- Mukhallat

  • Essential Parfums- Fig Infusion

  • Moresque- Balerina

  • Xerjoff- Iommi

Create-Your-Own Discovery Box For only $50 you can purchase 5x2ml scents from our collection. Choose any scents: citrus, floral, wood, or a mix of everything. We will create your own discovery set. If you are not sure which perfume to choose, do not worry. We will create a customized discovery set just for you based on your preferences. Specify your selection in notes when checking out.

VilhelmParfumerie is one of the new niche houses we have recently added to our store. Vilhelm Discovery Set is a perfect way to try some of their famous scents.

You will get 2mls of these 7 fragrances:

· Room Service

· Dear Polly

· Mango Skin

· Basilico and Fellini

· Poets of Berlin

· Morning Chess

· Black Citrus

Try the best of Montale with our three discovery boxes. Travel spray bottles 7X1ml.

Discover best-selling Women’s fragrances. Fragrances included: Roses Musk,Intense Cafe, Day Dreams, OudMazing, Dark Purple, Pure Gold, and Crystal Flowers.

Fragrances included: Arabians Tonka, Roses Musk, Intense Café, Day Dreams, Amber Musk, Oudmazing, Sensual Instinct.


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