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To A Great 2022! Happy New Year!

Another year of what seems to be never-ending uncertainty, filled with major challenges, and yet, we are grateful for the great things that came our way in 2021. This year we presented four new perfume houses from established and renowned European brands. Currently, there are 19 brands in our store. All our perfumes are high niche, some of which won several awards and gained international recognition. This year we launched two new projects – Personalized Perfume Sessions and Meeting with Perfumers. Through our Personalized Perfume Sessions, we guided several our clients in finding their personal exclusive scent. This is truly an unforgettable experience; and we are so thankful to our customers that let us help them in their personal journey in the world of niche perfumery. We hosted seven perfumers and brand owners through our Meeting with Perfumers mini-series. Our customers met and had wonderful discussions with Nick Steward, the founder of Gallivant, Geraldine Archambault, the founder of Essential Parfums, Maison Sybarite Master Perfumer Antoine Lie, Fabrice Croisé, the founder of Scents of Wood, Brand Ambassador of NICOLAÏ Fragrances, Damien Flynn, MAISON CHABAUD Owner Mattia Bono and Fragrance Du Bois Brand Ambassadors Nicolas Parat and Josie Plumey. We will continue our mini-series and we are already working on bringing new guests. This year we have launched our brand-new website with new features and more capabilities. All our products are presented online on our website, and we ship all over the country. We added new sections on our website, and we have posted all our news at the blog section. Make sure to check our website. We have ambitious plans for 2022. We will expand our product range and will continue discovering and presenting new brands. We will broaden our Meeting with Perfumers mini-series and will bring more guests to teach and discuss about perfumery world. Most importantly, we are looking to expand our store and hopefully we will move to a new location. We thank all of you for your support and friendship. We are so grateful for your trust! To a great 2022! Happy New Year! Viktoriya


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