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Viktoriya and Martin Live on Instagram

If you don't follow us on Instagram, you absolutely should! Here is why. We regularly go live with our very own fashion and perfume guru Martin Leichter. Viktoriya and Martin answer all your burning questions, introduce new scents, take you to a virtual tour around the store and so much more! So, if you are keen to learn more about our perfumes or just to chat with us, give us a follow to learn first about our next live.

Sharing the Story of Brands and Introducing the Best Scents During our last live, Viktoriya, the founder and the owner of La Parfumerie, gave a virtual tour around the store and introduced new scents. ''I love this scent so much, for me it's like a rainbow during rainy weather. It just makes me so happy,'' said Viktoriya about Mukhallat by Montale. At the end of the live, Viktoriya introduced a new niche house that we recently added to our store- Fueguia. ''This is the first brand; I am absolutely fascinated with. Highest quality, highest performance, the aesthetics, their perfumes are out of this world,' said Viktoriya. Come to our store and sniff them, you will be blown away. Watch the replay to find out what Viktoriya said about other new fragrances.

Check out the recent live, where Martin and Viktoriya talk about new perfumes and share their opinions about them. "It is fresh and salty," said Martin about Le Sel de La Terre by Thomas Kosmala. Viktoriya presented new scents from Montale, her favorite brand in store and shared her thoughts about some of them. Both Martin and Viktoriya agreed how gorgeous and impressive is the design of VilhelmParfumerie perfume bottles.


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