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September Updates from Viktoriya

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Dear friends and customers,

Finally, fall is here with its enchanting beauty, magical transformation, and shorter days.

The word “difficult” doesn’t exist in my vocabulary. I don't remember who, but someone said this during my trip to Europe.

September was exactly that, "difficult". With the end of summer, for some reason the traffic to our store slowed down. It caused our sales to drop by 30%.

With that, something completely opposite happened - I guess to balance it out. I went on my first trip to Europe after 4 years of dreaming. Finally! To attend PittiFragranze for the first time. The conference was in Florence, but we also visited Venice and Rome.

PittiFragranze is one of the world's leading fragrance trade fairs, where the industry representatives come to see and smell new perfumes, spot new trends and look for new houses showcasing their scents for the very first time.

There are so many amazing perfumes I want to add to La Parfumerie. But I need your help as I'll be able to bring them in only if sales numbers go up. So, grab your perfume wish list and visit us!

I met Maestro!!!

Alessandro Gualtieri known as The Nose

I met the Maestro of Perfumery. The creator of Nasomatto and Orto Parisi! Alessandro Gualtieri, known in the industry as The Nose, was the Special Guest of PittiFragranze.

This was such a special moment for me that I'll cherish for many years.

His outfit was absolutely out of this world like everything he creates in the world of perfumery. I enjoyed his warm smile, untraditional approach, (even snapping a picture), and his genuine happiness and obsession with his work. He appeared as SOMEONE WHO IS TOTALLY into what he does. Giving his 100%.

Meeting with Geraldine Archambault, the Founder of Essential Parfums

I met our beloved Geraldine from Essential Parfums. We spoke about new upcoming releases, changes, and just random life stuff. She is the same amazing woman you met her during our masterclass (if you attended one). Her passion, ability to charm, and simplicity of creation are magnificent.

If you are not familiar with her brand, I recommend you start with Bois Imperial- our best seller.


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